Our Future starts Now!Our priorities for the coming European term (2019-2024) recognise the reality of women and girls’ lives in Europe today and bring together the perspectives of women and girls and our membership across Europe. These priorities reflect the unfinished business of implementing international human rights instruments to advance women’s rights over the past three decades. Ensuring equality between women and men and integrating a gender perspective in all policy and financial frameworks is an obligation of the European Union as per the EU Treaties. Therefore we call for:A Europe that realises women’s equality in political decision-makingWomen are still seriously underrepresented in all European Institutions and across all EU Member States when it comes to political decision-making. This means that half the population are missing from the rooms and corridors where decisions are made about all of our lives. Equal representation of women and men, reflecting the diversity of the whole European population must be guaranteed and needs to be fought for by all, as an essential part of transforming our political institutions to put people and the planet at the centre. A Europe that guarantees all women’s equal econo