“The military way has ruined itself – we women define
principles for a just and lasting peace!”

Women delegates from 15 countries:

23 American, 3 Australian, 4 Austrian, 23 British, 6 Danish, 3 French, 3 Dutch, 27 German, 2 Hungarian, 3 Irish, 1 Italian, 5 Norwegian,
1 Romanian, 11 Swedish, 18 Swiss and 4 Polish delegates. The French government barred the French delegation from attending.

“Our Congress is an alternative to the traditional conventions of state-centric and male dominated international relations playing out in Paris/Versailles. I honour you women from both sides of the conflict who, because of your opposition to the war, have faced harassment and approbation from your governments and fellow citizens. The war methods of government espionage against pacifists are identical in all nations. You will share with one another your wartime experiences, hopes for the future, and how you will advocate for post-war social reform in your home countries”.


”Even if we hold different opinions, one thing is undeniable, women can only come in their full inheritance in a state or a community life, which is founded not on force but on justice, a unity based on a living and yet unified variety”.



WILPF Germany has digitalised the Zurich Congress Report in which you can find:

  • the Congress agenda
  • list of committees and delegates,
  • reports of national sections,
  • voted resolutions,
  • contributions of participating women
  • speeches in side events

The report is partly in 3 languages: English, French and German

Congress Report – original version in 3 languages pdf
Frauenfriedenskongress in Zürich 1919 – by Prof. Birte Förster
Zurich19 – written by Regina Birchem US, former WILPF president


Total and universal

Full and equal suffrage and the full equality of women with men politically, socially, and economically, including equality for women in marriage, education, job training; the end of slavery and sex trade;

Resolution Texts

Save humanity and bring about the permanent reconciliation and union of the peoples. End food blockades for the relief of the people from famine and pestilence.


German delegation in Zurich 1919

Delegations from America, Austria, Denmark, England, Italy, Norway and Sweden

US delegation