Open Seminar
European Project: Women Vote Peace


17.00-21.00h Faculty of Education
University of Saragossa
Campus Plaza de San Francisco
Saragossa, Spain

17.00 – 18.30

The International Alliance of Women and the debate on women’s voting rights in Spain: Clara Campoamor and Victoria Kent
International feminists networks 100 years ago :

Debate (in Spanish): on conflicts among feminists, with reflections related today.

Concha Gaudó, historian
Sandra Blasco, historian
Carmen Magallón, historian of science


(in Spanish):
Why has the VIII Congress of IWSA been moved from Madrid to Geneva in 1920?

Conflicts in feminism and women’s right to vote: the case of Spain

Isabel Lizarraga, professor in Spanish Language, writer, author
Juan Aguilera, professor and Doctor in Spanish Language

Authors of the book: De Madrid a Ginebra. El feminismo español y el VIII Congreso de la Alianza Internacional para el Sufragio de la Mujer, Barcelona, Icaria, 2010


Meeting of the Spanish section of WILPFwith international participants



The participants will join an action of building a peace symbol in the main Square of the city of Zaragoza. People from different organizations will join and film the symbol from a tower.

The action is related to the School Day of Nonviolence and Peace and a proposal for the City Council to support the Nuclear Ban Treaty.