Austrian Helsinki Association / AHA –

AHA founded in 2008, is a voluntary association of citizens, strengthening of human rights and peace in Austria and in other countries. Particularly, it sees itself as part of the international Helsinki movement.

The purpose is promotion of compliance with human rights standards and the promotion of international dialogue and strengthening of peace, i.e. human security worldwide, particularly through:

  • supporting initiatives to tackle political or social conflicts
  • conducting projects for the strengthening of pluralist, democratic societies and of civil society activities which serve the general public
  • constituting of and participating in international networks aimed at mutual support and solidarity;
  • since 2016, AHA is member of the Civic Solidarity Platform (CSP) and was the local coordinator of the 8th OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference 2017 in Vienna.

Austrian Helsinki Association will be involved in researching and delivering significant material for the film project about four Austrian female delegates that participated in 1919 Zurich Congress, thus going back to the past and bringing up the contributions that those women rendered, will provide basis for understanding the connection between the past legacies and todays challenges. AHA will organize a Symposium in Vienna, which will mark the final phase of the project.